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FigariGroup was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide competitive world-class workspaces through Construction, Real Estate, and Technology & Managed Services. We are leaders in these industries and are expanding our operations in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. When FigariGroup manages your company’s facilities and technology, your organisation can focus on expanding your core business. 

FigariGroup comes with extensive experience and understanding in different areas of construction and design, office leasing, technology and managed services, to better understand your functions and requirements and provide more exceptional outsourced business solutions.

The Figari approach has proven to be an industry trailblazer with over 200 clients worldwide, 23 offices globally, and 120 valued businesspeople, each driven to improve their professional capabilities.

Across a range of industry sectors including IT,  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), financial and insurance services, legal, logistics, retail, marketing, and communications, companies have enjoyed the benefits of Figari’s tailored solutions.

Hosting more than 3,300 office seats in Manila and nearly 11 years of experience, Figari is established as an industry leader in its field.

Executive Team



As chairman of Figari, Darcy collaborates on the overall business strategy and management alongside CEO Chris Butt. Darcy has 31 years of executive experience in the leadership of real estate, property management, BPO operations, SAP and IT Consulting, and outsourcing for organisations. As a co-founder with Chris, he has been a critical individual in the firm’s success.

Darcy is Canadian, a certified public accountant, and has been mostly based in Manila for more than 20 years with stints in Singapore, Malaysia, and throughout the APAC region. A charismatic leader and investor, his passion and entrepreneurial acumen as a hands-on global executive define his approach to build successful businesses. Darcy leverages his extensive international and local networks and experience to provide high-quality, measurable outcomes enabled by capital, people, process, and profitability. He values integrity and is driven to find benefits for all stakeholders.

Chris Butt

CEO and President

As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Figari, Chris has been instrumental to Figari’s success. He has 18 years of experience developing and managing large teams and projects across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Chris graduated with a BA degree from Griffith University in Australia, majoring in Business Management. He leverages his general knowledge across the sectors of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), information technology, and real estate. This, coupled with a natural flair for leadership, has contributed to Figari’s steady growth in the industry. He prioritises customer relationships and service excellence. Under Chris’ management Figari continues its stellar track record as an industry leader. 

Jouni Leskinen

Chief Technology Officer

Jouni has considerable experience managing teams of highly skilled IT professionals to support clients across a range of industries. Jouni graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Finland with a major in Information Communication Technology and spent over 17 years servicing global firms to manage teams and supporting their various technology solutions.

Jouni oversees Figari’s Technology arm, FigariTech, across all facilities and in all markets. He manages IT service infrastructure, set-up and maintenance, internet connectivity, desktop support, and hardware leasing, providing clients with a cost-effective solution through the OPEX model. He enacts industry best practice to provide clients with high-level IT consultancy. Jouni’s integrated approach includes designing tailored IT services and technology solutions for client’s business goals. His portfolio includes IT consultancy, client management, and sales.

Jen Dela Cruz

VP - Client Services

As Figari’s Vice President, Client Services, Jen has over 13 years of real estate experience, managing global accounts and assisting clients with their expansion requirements.

Jen started with real estate as a sales and foundation trainer in two of the country’s most prominent real estate developers. She then found her passion in facilities operations, working in one of the leading flexible workspace providers in the world. Jen has a diverse professional background with experience in commercial leasing, facilities management, construction, business development, sales, and marketing. At Figari, Jen handles sales and commercial activities across all business lines and oversees marketing activities for lead generation. She takes a comprehensive approach to support clients across each aspect of their business. Jen oversees Figari’s real estate portfolio in the Philippines, where she manages the search for future sites and liaises with landlords. She also oversees the project and construction management of Figari’s facilities and ensures full occupancy before turnover.

Angela Antonio

VP - Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Angela oversees all Figari facilities and heads the design and fit-out team. She has accumulated experience of more than nine years in operations and project management. Angela has helped build and establish Figari’s foundation and culture, having joined the team in its early days.

Her dedication to the company, enthusiastic leadership and commitment to providing excellent client service have helped her excel in managing operational functions across Figari’s departments. Angela also leads all Figari construction projects. She directs a team of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers to support clients across a range of industries. Together with her team, Angela assists clients in all aspects from project inception, conceptualisation, and design to execution and project turnover. She develops strategy throughout project phases for both timely and cost-efficient construction. Before Figari, Angela had experience in financial trading, medical and insurance industries. This role has consolidated  her professional values for business process improvement and client satisfaction.

Louise Dela Cruz

Chief Financial Officer

Louise brings a decade of finance and accounting experience to bear in his role as Chief Financial Officer of Figari. Before joining Figari, he worked as a financial reporting manager in one of the biggest cement companies in the Philippines and had significant experience in the Philippines’ largest auditing firm.

Louise heads Figari’s Finance Division and provides financial analyses for all Figari’s activities across its business lines. He manages the company’s overall financial strategy and long-term business viability alongside Chris and Darcy and conducts ongoing pricing evaluation and budgeting strategies in line with business goals. Louise also ensures business compliance with financial regulatory requirements. As a testament to his continuing expertise in the field, Louise is not just a Certified Public Accountant; he has also earned his MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, graduating at the top of his class.




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